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Volunteers Called for:

Rigorous Hours,
Strenuous Work,
meek compensation: 

Forge a Legacy that Echoes into Eternity.

Dare to Lead:

Camp Evansburg is on a quest for passionate and dedicated individuals to guide our "Legendary Summer" program. We are seeking volunteer staff who are ready for a challenging yet rewarding journey of faith and leadership.

Embark on a Unique Mission:

This summer, dive into the untamed narratives of biblical Legends. You'll be steering our teens through stories of resilience, wisdom, and audacious faith. It's an opportunity to explore leadership roles while engaging with profound and transformative tales.

A Summer Like No Other:

Expect a season filled with trials and triumphs, as you impact young lives and grow personally in the process. Each day is a test of resolve, a chance to develop a pioneering spirit, and an opportunity to forge your path in the fires of challenge and adventure.

Your Role:

As a staff member, you'll facilitate activities and discussions, shedding light on the extraordinary lives of biblical figures. Your guidance will help teens uncover the strength and wisdom of these characters, fostering personal faith and spiritual growth.

Why Join Us?

At Camp Evansburg, we provide a nurturing environment that promotes exploration and community. This summer is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about witnessing the unfolding of God's grand narrative through His most legendary characters.

Take the Leap:

If you're ready for an awe-inspiring journey and a profound spiritual challenge, we invite you to be a part of "Legendary Summer." Join us and transform lives:

Your own included. 

To volunteer at camp evansburg 2024, please fill out the linked Form

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